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Lying at his door was a poor man…

Lying at his door was a poor man.  Some theologians believe that few will go to heaven.  Other theologians hold that the mercy of God is so great that many, if not most, will go to heaven.  But no one knows for sure. Lets look at the story about the relationship between a man who lived in luxury and went to hell and a frail beggar, who went to heaven.  The rich man may have been a good and honest man.  We do not know, and Jesus does not include...

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Pay Attention

Pay attention…most of us look at the nighttime sky and see a bunch of stars and maybe a constellation or two, but an astronomer sees so much more.  It is not because he has sharper eyes, but because he has learned how to pay attention to the position of the stars, the swirls of the galaxies, and the minutest of details. Jesus urges his disciples to pay attention as well while he explains what is going to happen to him – that he will...

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Who do the crowds say that I am?

Who do the crowds say that I am? … Who do you say that I am? We often think of Jesus as the teacher with all the answers.  But of the 183 questions that people ask him in the Gospels, he answered fewer than 10.  At the same time, Jesus asks more than 300 questions!  What does this fondness for questions tell us? “Who do the crowds say that I am?” is easy to answer.  It is like an icebreaker game – a nonthreatening...

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Nothing is new under the sun

Nothing is new under the sun. Over sixty years ago, the song “Que Sera, Sera” burst onto the scene,  “Whatever will be, will be.” It is the same note that the writer of Ecclesiastes originally sounded centuries ago as he contemplated the same old sameness of human existence. Don’t you sometimes feel that way too? Nothing new happens, it is the same old routine.  We see new technologies and new discoveries all...

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