An official came forward. . . . A woman . . . touched the tassel of his cloak. 

“Impossible” is the word for this Gospel account—impossible for a dead girl to live again, impossible for a hemorrhaging woman to be healed instantly. The impossible occurs frequently in the Gospels. But what about today? What do you do when you have an impossible situation in your life? How do you reach out to the Lord with impossible requests and the hope of seeing your needs met? Let’s consider what the official and the hemorrhaging woman did.

First, they focused on Jesus. They had watched him; they knew where he had been and what he had been doing. He had cleansed a leper (Matthew 8:1-3), cured “all the sick” (8:16), and cast out demons (8:28-33). They must have concluded that he cared about their pain, their suffering, and their hopes and desires. They determined that he was approachable, and so they approached him. In your pain and need, go to Jesus. Go to him with your hopes and dreams as well. Sit in his presence and focus on the truth that he cares deeply about every aspect of your life.

Second, this man and woman had expectant faith and were willing to do whatever was necessary to receive Jesus’ healing touch. The official walked past the people who were ridiculing Jesus for saying that the little girl was not dead but sleeping (Matthew 9:24). The woman pushed through the crowd so that she could touch the tassel of Jesus’ cloak (9:20-21). Like this man and woman, be expectant that the Lord will act in your life. Then give him permission to work in whatever way he wants.

“Courage, daughter! Your faith has saved you” (Matthew 9:22). This is what Jesus says to us as well. He is patient and gentle. He is with you and for you in every situation. So pursue him, just as the official and the hemorrhaging woman did. Expect him to work in your day and in your life. He might do something other than what you’re asking for, but he will always do something!

“Lord Jesus, I need you to act! I believe that as I reach out to you, I will see your goodness.”

Hosea 2:16-18, 21-22
Psalm 145:2-9
Matthew 9:18-26


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