As I love you. 

You have probably heard this Gospel reading many times;   you might even pass over it because it’s so familiar.   Of course you know we’re supposed to love one another the way Jesus loves us.   You also suspect it’s easier to love people when you know God’s love for you.

But how does Jesus love you?

You know that he loved you enough to lay down his life for you two thousand years ago.   But when Jesus says, “Love one another,” he tells you to do it “as I love you”.   He doesn’t say, “as I have loved you.”   He isn’t talking about something that he did in the past.   He’s talking about today.   Right now.   Because he’s always loving you!

When you think about feeling Jesus’ love here and now, you might immediately think about being moved or gaining a new insight while you’re in prayer or at Mass.   And you would be right.   But what about those times when you’re not engaged in “spiritual” activities?   Surely Jesus is loving you at those times as well.   Isn’t he?

Absolutely!   Jesus doesn’t have to wait for you to come to him in prayer.   He’s always reaching out to you.   He is loving you every time someone does you a kindness—even if they aren’t aware that God is working through them.   He is loving you every time you feel your burdens lifting just a little bit.   What about that cashier who opens her register just when you feel you can’t stand in line another minute longer?   Or that coworker who leaves a treat on your desk when you’re having a rough day?   Or how about your spouse who gets up to change the baby’s diaper at 3 a.m. so that you can sleep?   They are all bringing God’s love to you, right here.  Right now.

Jesus is loving you today.   It’s not a vague, theoretical love.   It’s real.   It’s tangible.   It’s personal.   He doesn’t want it to be just a thing of the past that you remember.   He wants you to experience it each and every day.

So be alert.   Something is going to happen to you today.   In some way, Jesus is going to show you his love.   Receive it!

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