Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, Religious (Memorial)


Come, and you will see. 


Has anyone ever asked you a question like this:   “What are your greatest hopes and dreams?”   Big-idea questions might leave you feeling like a deer caught in the headlights—you just freeze and don’t know how to answer.

Today’s Gospel (John 1:39) finds the first apostles in a similar situation.   John the Baptist points them to Jesus, so they follow, not knowing exactly why.   When he turns and asks them, “What are you looking for?” they freeze and try to change the subject:   “Rabbi, where are you staying?” (John 1:38).   They really don’t know what they’re looking for.   They’ll only find out when they accept Jesus’ invitation, “Come, and you will see” (1:39).

So what are you looking for?   It’s a question the Lord wants to ask all of us.   It’s also a question he can help us answer in the best way possible.   By showing us who he is, he gradually unveils our own deepest longings and desires.   That’s because we belong to him.   We are created in his own image and likeness, and we find all our true answers in him and in the desires of his heart.

So today in prayer, accept his invitation to come and see:

• “Come and see how deeply I delight in you.   Come and see that you are beloved and treasured in my eyes.   Come and see your true incalculable worth in my eyes.”

• “Come and see that I have redeemed you from sin.   Receive my mercy, which is always flowing like a mighty river.   See that I gave my very life for you.   I withheld nothing so that you might walk in freedom.   Come and see that you can be set free.”

• “Come and see the dreams I have for your life.   I have plans and goals for you.   Let me show you how I look at you and how hopeful a future you have as you learn from me.”

What are you really looking for?   Jesus!   So quiet your mind, and let him fill you up with his love.   He wants to show you who he is—and who you really are.   Come, and you will find the answer to the longings in your heart.

“Thank you, Lord, for inviting me to come and see you!”

1 John 3:7-10
Psalm 98:1, 7-9

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