Daniel was resolved.

The people of God had been captured and handed over to a godless king. Now Daniel was among those selected to be trained to serve this king. The idea might have distressed him since the training would involve eating “unclean” foods that violated his covenant with the Lord. Even so, Daniel resolved in his heart that he would never break his commitment in this way. Instead, he sought out God’s help and wisdom. And he trusted that God was with him even in these circumstances. The problem was, how could he avoid eating the king’s food?

Daniel got creative. He recognized that God had granted him favor in the chief chamberlain’s eyes, so he asked for a special diet. When the chamberlain said no, he didn’t give up. He proposed a ten-day trial of a special diet of only vegetables. The chamberlain agreed, and Daniel and his friends remained undefiled. By choosing to follow the Lord and by using his God-given talents for shrewd negotiating, Daniel was able to avoid a difficult situation.

We too can face times of confusion or uncertainty. So how can we follow Daniel’s example and actively trust God? First and foremost, we need to ask the Lord for guidance and resolve to remember that no matter what is happening, we are in his hands. That’s our foundation. But we can build on that foundation by coming up with creative ways to face and deal with our difficult situation. God has given us logic, intuition, and imagination. As we use them and try to follow the Spirit, we might be surprised at the answers we come up with!

When Daniel stood before the king, healthier than any of the other young men despite his limited diet, he proved God’s trustworthiness. That truth helped him face whatever might follow with boldness and faith in God. The same can happen to you as you step out in faith, listen to the Spirit, and creatively act on his guidance. You’ll experience God holding you in his hands, and that will give you a deeper conviction that he won’t ever let you go!

“Father, I trust that I am in your hands. Thank you for your wisdom to help me meet my challenges.”

(Psalm) Daniel 3:52-56
Luke 21:1-4
Daniel 1:1-6, 8-20


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