Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. 

As he prepares to send his disciples out on their first missionary journey, Jesus breaks the news to them that they will face some hefty challenges.   But he also reassures them that God is bigger than their troubles, so they don’t have to be afraid.   He is their Father, and like any Father, he is watching over them.

Jesus’ words here make it clear that God is involved with all of his creatures, even to the point of feeding birds and dressing lilies.   He doesn’t even mind counting hairs!   So shouldn’t it follow that he is intimately involved in your life as well?

When Jesus talks about counting the hairs on our heads, he’s not talking about taking inventory.   This is not a cold and businesslike action taken by some celestial clerk with a clipboard.   It’s more like a mother stroking her baby’s head as she cradles him.   It’s more like a father taking note of every one of his son’s features as he follows the boy’s growth into manhood.   So if, in the back of your mind, you are hesitant to approach God, remember how precious you are to him.   You are his pride and joy, and he has wonderful plans for you.

This is the undeniable, at times unbelievable, truth at the foundation of our Christian faith: God treasures you.   He cares about what keeps you up at night.   He cares about the concerns in your heart.   He rejoices in your successes, and he grieves over your sorrows.

So don’t be afraid of the challenges or the challengers that this day will bring.   Don’t let fear cloud your faith.   Draw near to God instead, and have faith in his care for you.   If you are hurting, show him your wounds.   Remember, his Son, Jesus, has wounds as well—wounds he received in order to rescue you from sin.   God is your Father.   He is your provider and your protector, and he is involved in your life.   He may work in ways you least expect, but he will always act with your best interest at heart.

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  1. Thanks Fr. M. I lost my job and reminded here of my worth and to not be afraid as he’s preparing me for my next journey.

    Peace and love

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