“Do you want to be well?”

What kind of question is that?   Of course this man wants to be healed!   He’s been waiting thirty-eight years for a healing.

So why would Jesus ask him that question?   Why wouldn’t he just go ahead and heal the man?   Notice that instead of saying yes to Jesus’ inquiry, the man explains why he hasn’t been healed yet:   he never gets to the pool quickly enough when the water is “stirred up” (John 5:7).   Perhaps the man has grown accustomed to being unable to walk and has resigned himself to it.   So Jesus wanted to get to the heart of the matter first.

The same may be true for us at times.   Whether it is a sickness of mind, spirit, or body that afflicts us, we can grow accustomed to it.   We don’t really expect things to ever change.   In fact, we may even fear how we would live without it.

But what if the Lord suddenly asked you that question?   What might you say?

Do you want to be well?

“Lord, you know I want to be healed.   But sometimes I doubt that you can help me.   Take away my doubts, and give me faith in your healing power.”

Do you want to be well?

“Lord, I’m afraid to ask you for healing because if I don’t get it, I’ll be disappointed.   Sometimes I even wonder if you love me.   Help me to put all things in your hands and leave the outcome to you.”

Do you want to be well?

“Lord, I don’t know what becoming well will require of me.   I may have to let go of a grudge so that I can receive the grace to forgive.   I may have to do new things or encounter new situations that take me out of my comfort zone.”

Don’t let anything hold you back from asking the Lord to heal you.   Whatever your wounds, tell him, “I want to be well.”   Then imagine him saying, “Take up your mat, and walk” (John 5:8).   You may not be healed instantaneously, but you may receive a much-needed increase in faith and trust in him—along with a clearer sense of how much he loves you.   Let him make you well in his time and according to his wisdom.

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