Let them know how far more excellent is the Lord than these.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every visitor to Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest were to drop to their knees in awe of the God who designed such stunning displays of nature’s beauty?   The Book of Wisdom tells us that God is the original source of all beauty.   This means that the many natural wonders around us point to the Lord who is “far more excellent” than his most glorious works.   Feel free to add your own words of praise to the following prayer to our Creator:

“I praise you, Lord, for the constancy of the sun that rises every day.   Each rising and setting reflects your faithfulness.   There is no place or time on earth where your faithful love cannot pierce through like a ray of sunshine.   In heat and drought, storm and flood, your faithfulness remains.   It is bigger than my problems and more constant than the sun.   I can count on you and call on you every day, just as I know the sun will rise every day.

“I praise you, Lord, for the power of the seas. Each tide, coming in and rolling out, reflects your waves of mercy constantly flowing toward me.   Like a crashing wave throwing sea spray high into the air, your mercy stretches higher than I can imagine.   It reaches places within me that I have not expected.   It puts me in awe of you.   There is fierce power in the ocean, but even more awesome is the power of your mercy, which raises me up and sets me free.

“I praise you, Lord, for the beauty of the plants and shrubs that cover the earth.   As you are lovely, so are they.   Just as without flowers, the planet would seem bare, without you the world would be empty of eternal life.   I am so thankful for the beauty of life in you and your Son, Jesus.   Following you is a creative and colorful prospect—you always bring me to unexpected and pleasant places.   As you have filled the earth with plants, you fill my heart with joy.”

word among us

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