I was no prophet. 

How could Amos not be a prophet?   He spoke prophetic words to the people of God!   Amos didn’t deny proclaiming a prophetic word to Israel, but at the same time, he refused to be called a professional seer.   He was just a farm worker in the southern kingdom of Judah.   But this didn’t hinder God from calling him to the wealthier northern kingdom of Israel—even to the courts of the king himself!

The truth is, there is no cookie-cutter version of a prophet.   Amos’ story shows us that anyone can be a prophet.   How?   By the working of the Holy Spirit.   Remember, when you were baptized, you received the Spirit, and you were commissioned to take up your share in Jesus’ role as priest, prophet, and king.

True, you don’t have an international platform like Pope Francis, but you can still be a prophet right where you are.   The Catechism tells us that the whole people of God shares in Jesus’ prophetic ministry “when it deepens its understanding and becomes Christ’s witness in the midst of this world”.   So whenever you grow deeper in your faith, and whenever you share it with people around you, you are acting prophetically.

So many people lack hope today.   So many people feel trapped in sin.   So many are bound in selfishness.   And you have an important message to share with them.   You can remind them that God has plans to give them a future full of hope.   You can proclaim it every time you go out of your way to care for someone who is hurting.   You can announce it every time you gently but firmly stand up for your faith or for the needs of the poor, the unborn, and the marginalized.   Your words and actions can make a difference.   You can be a prophet.

God isn’t waiting for someone else to come along; he’s hoping you will take up your calling.   Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that your occupation, your state in life, or any other external factor disqualifies you.   If God can call a farm worker from the south to proclaim his word to the elites of the north, he can call anyone.   Even you.

word among us