I will be with you. 

Put yourself in Moses’ shoes for a moment.   He’s a fugitive from justice.   A death sentence hangs over him for having killed an Egyptian.   He’s a Hebrew, yet he is married to a Gentile who worships other gods.   Would anyone take him seriously?

This is likely what Moses was thinking when God commissioned him to deliver the Israelites from Egypt.   Who, me?   he must have thought.   How is that ever going to happen?

So God gives Moses a simple, five-word assurance:   “I will be with you” (Exodus 3:12).   No step-by-step plan, no promise of backup and armies.   Just the promise of his constant presence.

As it turns out, God’s presence was all Moses needed.   God brought about the ten plagues.   He parted the Red Sea and led his people to safety.   He drew water from a rock and called down manna from the sky.   All these signs unfolded over time as Moses took one step forward at a time and trusted in the Lord.

Haven’t you felt like Moses at one time or another?   We’ve all faced situations when it seems that God is asking us to do something that we don’t feel equipped or capable of pulling off.   We protest, saying, “Lord, you’re asking the wrong person.   I can’t do this.”   And God gives us the same five-word message he gave to Moses:   “I will be with you.”   It can seem too simple.   It can seem inadequate.   But remember, this is almighty God who is making the promise.   The One who defeated Pharaoh’s armies is with you.   The One who created the universe is with you.   The One who loved you enough to send his only Son is with you—always.

So don’t get caught up in the details.   Don’t worry about the far-off future.   Instead, proclaim, “Lord, I trust you to give me whatever I need!”   No situation is too complex or difficult for his power and presence to resolve.   Your God is with you.   He will guide you step-by-step.   He will comfort you when it feels as if you have failed.   He will give you the wisdom and patience and trust that you need, just as he did for Moses.

“Lord, thank you for your abiding presence!”

Word Among Us