I will follow you, Lord, but first…

Following the Lord is never convenient.  If it were up to us, the time would never be quite right.  There is always just one project to finish, one medical challenge to overcome, one relationship to patch up, one person to care for, and one final good bye.  “It will not take long, Lord.  I will be right back.  I promise”.

Jesus has a different perspective.  He sees the one thing that is holding us back.  He knows how much it matters to us.  But did it ever occur to you that it matters to him as well?  It saddens him when we turn aside and try to handle it on our own.  He wants to be in the middle of that challenge, working with us to make things better.  He knows that not only will something wonderful be accomplished, but our hearts will change in subtle ways, and we will grow closer to him.

The right time is always now.  Jesus does not keep track  of how many times you may have said, “Not yet!”. Whenever you are on the road, he wants to journey with you .  He wants to invite you to take one step closer to becoming the disciple that he is calling you to be.

That step may seem small and insignificant to you, but every yes has infinite value to God.  Every morning when you thank him for the opportunity of another day, the door opens a little more.  Every time you ask him to show you his presence in someone who rubs you the wrong way, your heart softens a bit more.  Every time you surrender your loved ones to the Father’s loving care, the bonds of anxiety loosen just a bit more.

How is Jesus calling you today?  Perhaps something like fear or bitterness is holding you back.  Maybe he is commending you for your generosity and asking you to take it a little further.  Or perhaps you have become so busy that you have forgotten to listen for his call. Whatever it is, know that you can lay it before him and find the grace you need to take that next right step.

-word among us