He stepped forward and touched the coffin; at this the bearers halted.

did you know that this is the only time that the city of Nain is mentioned in the Bible? It is also one of the few times, Luke notes that location of an event.  Some believe that the city was about six miles southeast of Nazareth, at the foot of Little Hermon mountain, but no one is certain.

We may not know exactly where Nain is, but Jesus knew.  He also knew what he would do when he got there; bring life.

Try something different with this reading today.  Imagine yourself coming to the city gate with Jesus.  The funeral procession approaches, and he sees the grieving widow surrounded by mourners. Jesus walks up to the coffin, and they stop. Surely they have heard about him and the wonders he is performing.  A sense of anticipation hangs in the air.

Now picture the tenderness on Jesus’ face as he turns to the window and says, ” Do not weep”. His mere presences brings a sense of hope.  Then with a simple command, he calls the young man back to life.

Finally, imagine Jesus walking into your little town, into your life.  He knows exactly where you are and what you need. He touches your circumstances, your weaknesses, and your failings.  Take a moment to stop and wait. There is healing, deliverance, and restoration in his presences. He looks at you, and he says, “Arise!”

Things may be noisy around you, as they were in the widow’s grief-stricken procession. Maybe you are rushing from task to task, but then you suddenly remember that God is with you.  Maybe as your emotions are rising in frustration, you recall his patient love. Or perhaps your children are being disruptive at Mass, but then you feel gratitude welling up in your heart, and you are able to refocus on the Lord.  Any of these things can be the touch of Jesus.  When you feel this internal shift, stop and allow his presence to fill you. Let him touch you and bring new life.

-word among us