We too give thanks to God unceasingly

Let’s face it.   We all have good days and bad days.   Sometimes we are filled with thanksgiving and joy, and other times, we are not.   Some days we may lack joy because of how we are feeling, and at other times, we may really be having a difficult day or even a difficult month or year.   In these more challenging times, when it is difficult to be thankful ourselves, it is helpful to be reminded that others are very thankful for us.   In this letter to the Thessalonians, St. Paul is expressing his gratitude for their faithfulness to Christ, even amid pressure to leave their faith.   This thankfulness does not stop with the Thessalonians however.   If St. Paul were talking to you today, he would be giving thanks for you.

He would be telling you how well you are doing, how he is so proud of the way you are pursuing the Lord.   He would encourage you in how you are reaching out to your family, cheering you on in how you are teaching your children about the Lord.   He would be so happy about the way you try to share your faith, even in little ways.

He is not the only one who is thankful for you though.   All of the believers who have gone before you are so grateful that you are holding onto the gospel.   The saints and martyrs are seeing the fruit of their sacrifice in your faith.   They are so delighted that you are following Jesus.

There’s still more!

Your spouse and your family, the people around you at Mass, your priest, and your fellow believers—they are all grateful for your perseverance.   Maybe they do not always say it, but just by being there, you are a support to them.   Just seeing how you try to do your best is an encouragement.

Take today to simply recognize how many people are grateful for you.   It is not prideful to think this way because it will help you to know how much you matter in the body of Christ.   You are so precious to the Lord and to the Church.   You are indispensable to the believers around you.   As you pursue the Lord, even every little baby step, your life is touching someone else’s.

Keep on keeping on!

-word among us