The Father and I are one. 

“Jesus, you have told us that you are one with your heavenly Father. This was a shocking idea to the Jews who heard you say it. But for us who live in the age of the Church, this truth opens up so many wonderful mysteries!

You and the Father are one. That means that when we see you, Jesus, we see the almighty, invisible God! You show us his heart, his desires for us, his people, and his priorities. In your words of forgiveness, healing, and peace, we experience the tenderness God has for us. We stand in awe that in you, almighty God has come close to us. So our hearts overflow with thanks that you came to earth to show us your heavenly Father—our heavenly Father!

You and the Father are one. Jesus, not only do you show us the Father, but you have opened the way for us to come to the Father! By taking on our flesh, you have torn asunder the veil of sin that separated us from God. Thank you that we no longer have to be estranged from our Creator—all because you have reconciled us to him!

You and the Father are one. Because you accepted us as your brothers and sisters, Jesus, you have brought us into God’s family. Through you, we can now experience the mercy and acceptance that God has always wanted to share with us. In you, we can see that we are beloved children of God. What an awesome truth!

You and the Father are one. Jesus, when you returned to your Father, you took us with you. We can now begin to experience unity with you here on earth, and we will one day experience complete unity when we enter heaven. We are no longer shackled by our weaknesses or faults. Because you have sent your own Spirit to live in us, we can live in holiness. We can become a living witness to the Father in our world!

You and the Father are one. We worship you, Jesus, for filling us with hope and joy because you have come to make us one with the Father.”

“Lord, help me to see how ‘shocking’—and wonderful—it is that you and the Father are one and that you are in me.”

Acts 11:19-26
Psalm 87:1-7
John 10:22-30


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