The Father is in me and I am in the Father

The Jewish leaders had to admit that there was actually something good about Jesus.   He was awakening sincere faith in many people and was even helping sinners repent and return to God.   But now he made a statement they just couldn’t tolerate.   He had already called himself the “Son of God,” which was troubling enough (John 10:36).   Now he claimed he was equal to God.   Picking up rocks, they closed in on him, ready to silence his blasphemy once and for all.

If we were in Jesus’ situation, we might want to look for a way out.   But Jesus responded directly:   “I have shown you many good works from my Father. For which of these are you trying to stone me?” (John 10:32).   Jesus wasn’t trying to intimidate them by reminding them of his power;  he just wanted them to see that he was ministering his Father’s love to his people.   He wasn’t trying to claim any glory for himself.   All he wanted to do was give glory to his Father.

The same holds true for us.   How could we possibly keep quiet about God, our heavenly Father?   He is the One who sent Jesus to redeem us.   He is the One behind all the works of mercy that the Church does around the world.   He is the One behind every word of love, reconciliation, and hope that we speak.   It is his own Spirit who gives us our strength.   It’s only because he has touched our hearts, forgiven our sins, and filled us with his love that we can share that love with other people.

If you want to stay strong as Jesus did when faced with opposition, stay connected to the Father.   Strive to put your relationship with him above everything else.   That way, you’ll be able to receive his inspiration, his strength, and his grace.   Then, when your faith is challenged, you can respond with the one thing that will convince any skeptical heart:   the love of God.   When people see your Father shining through your words and actions, they’ll be drawn to him, and they’ll come to know that he is the answer they’ve been looking for.

Word Among Us

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