The Kingdom of heaven is like a net thrown into the sea.

Fishing nets are designed to scoop up everything in their path.   So naturally, when a net is hauled into the boat, it contains all sorts of things: edible fish, inedible fish, crustaceans, sea urchins, as well as all manner of debris.   The net doesn’t discriminate between the good and the bad or the useful and the useless.   It’s up to the fisherman to decide what to keep and what to discard.

Scripture is filled with stories of Jesus fishing for people: when he rescued the woman caught in adultery, when he had dinner with the tax collector Zacchaeus, when he patiently taught the upright Pharisee Nicodemus, and so many others.   No matter where he went, Jesus was casting his net; he was always trying to gather people into his kingdom.   He even commanded his followers to become “fishers of men,” and sent them out to cast their own nets to everyone they encountered.

Today, God calls us to the same task.   Just as indiscriminately as the first Christians did and just as indiscriminately as Jesus himself did, God wants us to share the good news as often as we can.   Imagine how the world could be changed if every person reading this meditation were to try to share the good news with just one person.   The catch could be huge!

You can make a difference.   You can tell people in your office about the love of God, even if all you do is offer a smile and a kind greeting.   You can set your family on the right path by doing something as small as praying the Lord’s Prayer together each day.   You can lift up your neighbor simply by listening to them more than talking to them.   And if a moment arises, you can tell any of these people, “God loves you.”

There seems to be such a short supply of compassion and consideration in the world.   So many people are immersed in their problems and challenges.   And therein lies our opportunity!   Our love and care for other people will stand out. It’s attractive and it’s infectious.   So keep casting your nets!

word among us