The Kingdom of heaven is like a treasure.

Treasure: a store of money, great wealth stored up. That’s right, the primary definition of “treasure” means more than just an individual coin or gem. Picture a pirate’s chest overflowing with strings of diamonds and rubies and glittering bars of gold. That’s what the kingdom of heaven is like. You have a limitless stockpile: riches of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding; hope and grace; patience, forbearance, and kindness; boldness and courage; and much more. All of it is available to you.

This treasure doesn’t accumulate randomly throughout your life, and it isn’t held in trust for later. It’s all available, not at some future date when you step out of mortal life into eternity, but today. But here’s the catch: you might have to “sell” something to acquire it.

You already do that as you pray, read the Scriptures, and go to Mass. But the truth is, whenever you put the things of God ahead of something else, you are spending limited resources—your time—to obtain something greater—heavenly power and grace.

God, and the unlimited riches he holds for us, are worth any cost. So don’t ever hesitate to tap into this treasure—and be willing to “sell” something to obtain it! Seek patience when you’re stretched to the limit by a headstrong child by “selling” your right to respond in anger. Tap into God’s wisdom and insight when you’re facing a difficult situation by forgoing your time in front of the television and spending it instead in prayer. Seek generosity when your own plans for the day are upended by letting go of a “me-first” attitude. Grab onto hope when you become discouraged by the distressing things going on around you, and focus instead on the goodness of God.

Today, ask God to fill you with joy over the treasure available to you, even when you come face-to-face with the call to “sell all” to obtain it (Matthew 13:46). Ask him to show you that even when the cost seems high, the reward far surpasses it!

“Holy Spirit, help me recognize what I can ‘sell’ in order to obtain the treasure stored up in heaven for me.”

Exodus 34:29-35
Psalm 99:5-7, 9
Matthew 13:44-46


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