The way of truth I have chosen. 

In Psalm 119:30,  we are taught how to live in ways that please the Lord.   Then,  in Scripture we are given a beautiful response to these teachings:   “Guide me, Lord, in the way of your commands.”   So let’s make the psalmist’s prayer our own today as we set out to follow the Lord:

“I choose you today, Lord.”

I choose to center my thoughts on you and your goodness.   My first thought in the morning will be to thank you for giving me another day to love and serve you.   I will thank you for the health I have, even if it isn’t the best.   I will thank you for the people in my life—even the difficult ones who teach me patience and compassion, perseverance and fortitude.   Thank you that I can start afresh today and leave yesterday behind.   Thank you that I can build on the grace you gave me yesterday.

“I choose you today, Lord.”

I choose to ponder your word, which shows me the way of truth.   Let me hear your voice today.   Teach me who you are, and who I am in light of your love.   I will let your words guide me and help me build a stable foundation for my thoughts and actions.   Lord, I choose to fill my mind with your teachings, especially during the quiet times, when the devil will try to turn me to fearful, judgmental, or negative thoughts.

“I choose you today, Lord.”

I choose you as the model for my life.   I want to learn how to love as you do.   I want to become just as patient with other people as you have been with me.   Teach me to listen and to notice people around me who need my care:   the poor and the sick, the lonely and the forgotten, even those who would call me their enemy.

“Lord, just as you did during your hidden years with Mary and Joseph, help me to do all the everyday things with love:   cooking, cleaning, mowing the lawn, paying the bills, walking the dog, helping my kids with homework, and all the rest.   Jesus, I choose to extend the kindness and gentleness you have shown me, so that your love can shine through me.

Word Among Us

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