They are the ones who…bear fruit through perseverance.

Perseverance and consistency are also very important to our spiritual growth.  We not only have to hear the word of God “with a generous and good heart,” but we have to persist in hearing it and then do what is says. The principle is the same in the natural world.  No mighty tree grows overnight.  To bear the fruit that Jesus wants, we need regular exposure to the sunlight of God’s word and the water of his Spirit.  And we need to keep soaking it in.

Of course, if perseverance were easy, it would not be called perseverance!  There are many days when we would rather not pray or be charitable to our neighbor or offer forgiveness.  We have a headache, we are tired, or we just do not feel like it.  But think about other aspects of your life.  You do not always feel like going to work or paying your bills.  But you do it, because it is important.  How much more important is listening to the Lord and walking with him every day!

It may help to remember that we are no different from any of the saints.  God rewarded them because they persevered, and he will do the same for us.  If you prayed for only five minutes this morning, you still prayed. If you lost your temper yesterday, God will give you another chance to be patient today.  If you failed to show affection to your spouse, you will get another opportunity.  The key is to not give up.  As one motivational speaker says, “Never stop starting over.” For God’s mercies are new every morning – and so are his opportunities.

-word among us