Common of the Blessed Virgin Mary


They took Jesus with them in the boat just as he was. 


“Just as he was.”   How was Jesus?   Tired.   He was so tired that not even a fierce storm could wake him.   But when the disciples managed to rouse him, he immediately quelled it.   That’s because Jesus was also divine—and ready to exercise his authority.   The disciples’ fear, tension, or nervousness didn’t make him panic.   He dealt with the storm straightaway—maybe still sleepy or a bit breathless at having been awakened so suddenly.   He met the need of the moment with the divine power within him at the moment.

God lives in you too; his Spirit dwells in you.   So when you find yourself in one of life’s storms, you can meet the needs of the moment just as you are, as a child of God filled with the Holy Spirit.   It’s normal to think, “If only I were holier,” “If only I prayed or read Scripture more or focused more at Mass, then I could calm raging storms, bring peace into tense situations, or comfort someone who’s fearful.”   “If only . . .”

Well, take your cue from Jesus, who went “just as he was” and brought peace as soon as he woke up.   Maybe you won’t have to face a tempest at sea, but perhaps you can bring peace to a tense meeting at work.   Or to a grocery store when you hear a baby wailing for a nap time delayed.   Or to the grumpy or fearful person seated beside you on an airplane.

That moment, whatever it is, is the right time to say to the turmoil, “Peace! Be still!”   It may not be the time to shout it out, but you can speak it quietly in your heart and ask the Father to bring his peace.   Perhaps the Spirit will give you courage or a comforting word to share or a reminder of God’s love that can help still the storm before you.

“If only” will never go away.   But neither will the Spirit. Let him equip you, just as you are, to deal with the squalls of today.

“Jesus, help me to bring your peace into my day.”

2 Samuel 12:1-7, 10-17
Psalm 51:12-17


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