To anyone who has, more will be given and he will grow rich; from anyone who has not, even what he has will be taken away.

It’s interesting the way God created us, isn’t it?   He designed our bodies in such a way that the more we use them, the better they’ll perform.   For instance, we all have approximately the same number of brain cells, but the number of pathways between these cells increases based upon how much our brains are stimulated.   Similarly, our muscles grow stronger with exercise and weaken with disuse.

Our faith works in much the same way, as we can see from Jesus’ explanation of his parables.   Those who “have” it will receive more.   But what is it that these people “have”?   A heart open to the gospel and willing to trust in Jesus.   Those who “have not” have closed their hearts and turned from the grace that God is offering to them.   No one is taking anything from them;  they have chosen to give it up.

How we treat the gift of faith is up to us—and that truth may scare us a little.   So much depends on us!

If this is how you think, try looking at faith as an opportunity and not a risk.   To live by faith is to allow God to keep changing you into his image and likeness.   If you take Jesus at his word, he promises you will grow “rich,” not financially, but spiritually.   Think of all the saints who started out with only a mustard seed of faith but ended up changing the world.   Really, we risk losing a lot more if we don’t take any risks of faith!

Most of us are dealing with at least one challenging situation.   Maybe a relationship has gone sour, but you’re afraid to make the first move and seek forgiveness.   Perhaps you want to pray with a friend for healing, but you’re nervous about his response.   Or maybe you want to go to Confession, but you are afraid of how you will be received.   These are the times when Jesus says, “Step out of the boat! It may look like there is nothing underneath, but I will hold you up.”

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