We gaze on your glory and know that all things are in your hands!

Let us join Jesus’ disciples in lifting our hearts and minds heavenward as we pray. “Lord Jesus, we praise you of hope and triumph! We adore you, Lord, seated at the Father’s right hand! You have taken your place of glory and authority, the place reserved for you , the eternal Son of God. You left it for a short time when you came to earth to redeem us, but now you rare enthroned in the heavens. And we have been raised up with you!

Praise him, our Lord

“We praise you, Lord, for every principality, every power falls under your authority. No matter how strong or terrifying, everything in this created world must bow down to you. No matter what we face, nothing can remove us from your loving protection!

“We exult in you, Jesus, for you rule over history itself. Past, present, and future. Nothing is outside your loving graze and your powerful intervention. For your glorious throne, you hold all our lives in your hands.

He is worthy or our praise

“Jesus, you are worthy of praise! Every enemy has been placed beneath your feet. This means that nothing can overpower you, not Satan, not death, not suffering, not sin. You have defeated them all! You are above all things, an d in you all things hold together.

“Jesus, now exalted to the Father’s right hand, you are the head of the body, the Church! No matter what human imperfections exist in your Church, we can be confident that you will continue to purify us. You intercede for us every day, asking your Father to pour out immeasurable grace to help us overcome our sin and live in love. Jesus we believe that your victory is ours, and we place our trust in your love!

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