I will bless them

I will bless them. It’s also no coincidence that Scriputure focus on how much God wants to bless us, even as he has blessed Mary. Scripture is full of blessing!   Look at how Aaron prayed a blessing over the Israelites.  He asks God to “bless us in his mercy”.  The blessings of redemption that have come through Mary’s yes to God.  Mary stands out as “blessed . . . among women”.   Why? Mary’s blessedness wasn’t a mythical shield guarding her...

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Let me hear your voice and experience your presence today.

Remember that I stood before you to speak in their behalf.  God sent Jeremiah to the people of Jerusalem who had turned away from his covenant.   He called Jeremiah to urge the people to give up their worship of other gods and to remind them that they belonged to him alone.   For his trouble, Jeremiah endured contempt and ridicule.   He lost his family and friends.   He even suffered attempts on his life. Treachery, deceit, and betrayal are...

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Let us set thing right

Come now, let us set things right, says the Lord.  Isaiah spoke the cry of God’s heart.   As God looked at his people, he saw “misdeeds,” “evil,” and the desolation that such attitudes bring upon any people.   Moved by what he saw, he called the prophet Isaiah to speak: “Let us set things right!”.   Come and be cleansed, he pleaded; come and receive healing, restoration, freedom. Let us set things right. This was the refrain even when our first...

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Awesome, Merciful, and Covenant

Great and awesome God, you who keep your merciful covenant toward those who love you . . .  Awesome . . . Merciful . . . Covenant.   Doesn’t this sound like a strange way to begin a prayer of repentance?   And yet here is Daniel, confidently proclaiming God’s love before he starts confessing his sins and the sins of his people! How could Daniel be so certain that God would forgive him?   Perhaps because he had history on his side.   Time after...

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Help me to be an instrument of your mercy

Do I indeed derive any pleasure from the death of the wicked?  Herbert Kappler was the head of the German security forces in occupied Rome during World War II.   In addition to security duties, he oversaw the deportation of thousands of Jews to concentration camps.   He was also behind the Ardeatine Massacre, in which 335 Italian men were killed in reprisal for a resistance bombing that killed 30 German soldiers. After the war, Kappler was...

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Upon this rock I will build my Church

You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church. Repotting a plant is a stressful but essential step in keeping it strong and healthy.   You might have a small plant that seems happy but is bursting out of its pot.   So you replant it into a larger pot so that the roots have room to grow.   For a week or two, however, the poor plant doesn’t look so good.   It might wilt or look sickly in its new home.   But after a little while, it...

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