He does not ration his gifts

He does not ration his gift of the Spirit. When you hear the word “ration,” what do you think?   You may imagine times of war when food and gasoline are scarce, or certain products are set aside only for particular people.   Or maybe you picture times of economic hardship when people stand in long lines waiting to purchase their necessities.   You always feel a little uncertainty and anxiety when something has to be rationed, because you never...

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Go and take your place

Go and take your place in the temple area.  It’s a dramatic scene.   The full council of Jewish elders has assembled for the trial of Jesus’ apostles.   But a report comes that the apostles have disappeared from the jail and are once more preaching in the Temple precincts.   Just as the angel had told them to, they took their “place,” both geographically and spiritually. You have a place where God wants you to be as well.   Every day, you face...

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They had everything in common

They had everything in common.  Isn’t it striking how the first Christians took care of one another?   Moved by their love for the Lord and for each other, the wealthier members of their community—people like Barnabas—freely shared their resources with those who were less fortunate.   They considered their bounty as a blessing from God and saw it as something that they should share with each other rather than hold onto for themselves. Blessed...

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Hail Mary full of grace

Hail, Mary, full of grace! The Lord is with you. “Holy Mary, we are in awe of the grace that God has given you.  You said yes to his angel even though you knew so little about how God’s plan would work out.   Thank you for setting an example of trust in the Lord!   I try to manage every detail in my life.   I have a hard time trusting that Jesus is in control.   Mary, pray that I can trust that God has power over every circumstance that life...

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He appeared first to Mary Magdalene

He appeared first to Mary Magdalene.  Why Mary Magdalene?   Why not his mother?   Why not choose Peter or John or any of the apostles to be the first to see him after his resurrection?   Mary was a surprising, even illogical choice to be his first witness.   In Jesus’ time, a woman could not legally serve as a witness, so Mary’s testimony probably would not be taken seriously. Yet Jesus chose Mary, one of the least.   But why?   Maybe simply...

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Giving Thanks

Give thanks to the Lord.  What an appropriate refrain to sing during this Octave of Easter!   Of course we should give thanks: Jesus has just risen from the dead.   But there’s a way that these words are appropriate on any day of the year—even today! Why give thanks?   Because in a world filled with uncertainty, God never changes.   He was good today, he is good on everyday, and he is good today.   His mercy persists, despite our sins.   He...

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