Elijah will come

Elijah will indeed come. Two and a half weeks into the new year!   Many of us have spend time with extended family.   These gatherings, as joy filled as they can be, can also cause some tension.   Maybe your brother’s marriage is on the rocks and you’re not sure how he and his wife will interact with each other.   Or maybe your niece has moved in with her boyfriend and stopped going to church. Take heart!   Just as God sent “Elijah” to prepare...

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I love your Presence

He is like a tree planted near running water. It sounds peaceful: a big tree, planted “near running water,” its roots sunk down into the fertile soil.   That tree would be guaranteed constant refreshment and nourishment.   Wouldn’t it be great to have a similar peaceful life?   Being tapped into what nourishes us, we would always feel invigorated, cared for, sustained. The good news is that we do have a constant, streaming source of...

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I will turn

I will turn . . . the dry ground into springs of water. As we mentioned yesterday,  you may be feeling a little worried about now.  This worry can lead us to skip our times with the Lord.   We know we should be praying and reading Scripture, but we just want to hit the ground running every morning. Yet there is a thirst deep within us that only God can quench, the prophet Isaiah urges us to drink deeply from the well of God’s love.   Without...

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My Yoke is easy, and my burden light

My yoke is easy, and my burden light. It might not sound all that appealing to take on a yoke at this point in your life.   You may well be busy with preparations for Martin Luther King Jr. Celebrations, maybe feeling anxious about daily events or overwhelmed by past and current  speeches.   And all of this comes on top of your everyday duties: work, carpooling, maintaining your household! Rest and retirement sound much better than a burdensome...

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Blessed be

Blessed be . . . the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed in Christ with every spiritual blessing.   Chosen to be holy and without blemish.   Destined for adoption as children of God.   While all of these phrases describe God’s eternal plan for each one of us, they hold a special meaning when we consider the Virgin Mary and her Immaculate Conception. We celebrate Mary, a woman preserved from original sin by a unique gift of God before she...

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He has given us light

The Lord is God, and he has given us light. Have you ever been in a completely dark room?   It’s hard to see or know where anything is.   But think of the effect when someone turns on a flashlight or lights a candle. Just a bit of light, and so much becomes visible.   That’s how powerful light can be! Light is such a common theme in Scripture and in the liturgy that we might miss the strength of the metaphor.   So let’s slow down for a bit and...

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