My heart is overwhelmed

My heart is overwhelmed.  Tradition has it that as St. John neared the end of his life, people flocked to the Island of Patmos to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist with him.   John was old and frail, and he had to be carried out to the people each Sunday, but it never stopped him from giving them the same message week after week:  “Little children, God loves you. Love him and love one another.”   That’s all John ever said, but the people still...

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Father Maurice J Nutt “Now is the Time to Promote Peace”

Now Is The Time To Promote Peace by Father Maurice J Nutt, C.Ss.R. In recent times, there is an increase in violence at local, state, national and international levels. All kinds of violence plague many communities, leaving some people wallowing in darkness and despair. From conflicts in Syria, to the inhumane action of Isis, to continued unrest in the Middle East, to the senseless gang violence on your city streets to the upcoming verdict in...

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Jesus summoned his Twelve disciples

Jesus summoned his Twelve disciples and gave them authority.  Do you remember when you first handed the car keys to a son or daughter and said,  “Here you go; I’ve taught you all I can.   Now it’s your turn.”   Both you and your child probably felt a little nervous. In Scripture, Jesus “turns the wheel” over to his apostles for the first time as he sends them out to preach and heal.   Up to this point, the Twelve had accompanied Jesus and...

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Jesus went around to all the towns and villages

Jesus went around to all the towns and villages. What an amazing thought:  even Jesus had to evangelize!   Why didn’t he supernaturally infuse the knowledge of God into everyone’s mind?   As divine Creator, he easily could have compelled people to believe.   They would have known instantaneously that he was God and that he could redeem them from their sins. But it wasn’t Jesus’ goal simply to pass out information.   And it wasn’t his goal to...

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And speak to her heart

I will allure her . . . and speak to her heart.  The prophet Hosea lived in the eighth century BC.   It was a time of prosperity for the northern kingdom of Israel, but it was also a time when the people were turning from their covenant relationship with God and embracing pagan religions and rituals instead.   So why would he talk in today’s first reading about God alluring the people and speaking to their hearts?   The imagery sounds almost...

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A thorn in the flesh

A thorn in the flesh . . .  Many theologians have guessed as to what Paul was referring to.   Some say it was something physical like a chronic eye problem, migraines, or a speech impediment.  Some say Paul was talking about temptations from the devil.   Still others say Paul was referring to those “false apostles” who do a “great deal of harm”.   Whatever it was, this “thorn” caused Paul a great deal of distress. Now, compared to Scripture,...

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