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We urge you

We urge you, brothers and sisters, to progress even more. A worker building a cathedral may perform a single task over and over again.   Repeatedly putting one stone on top of another or filling one wheelbarrow after the next can get monotonous over time.   It is easy for him to miss the importance of his work until he steps back to view the project taking shape.   Similarly, it is easy to forget that every little action of ours matters to the...

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God . . . gives his Holy Spirit to you

For many of us, the Holy Spirit is the most puzzling member of the Trinity.   Sure, we can not fully grasp the Father or Son either, but it seems hardest to relate to the Spirit.   Why might this be? Well, for one, the Father and Son have names we can easily connect with.   “Holy Spirit,” on the other hand, sounds rather mysterious!   Still, the Church teaches that the Spirit is the third Person of the Blessed Trinity.   So it makes sense that...

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Stand Firm in the Lord

We now live, if you stand firm in the Lord Paul thanks his followers in Thessalonica for being faithful.   He has been through a lot since he left them.   He has been falsely accused, beaten, and thrown in jail.   As he yearns to be released and return to his followers, he is comforted by their faith and their prayers for him.   Even though his life sparked their faith in Christ, their faith in turn has helped sustain him. In our daily lives,...

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Thank you, God

We too give thanks to God unceasingly Let’s face it.   We all have good days and bad days.   Sometimes we are filled with thanksgiving and joy, and other times, we are not.   Some days we may lack joy because of how we are feeling, and at other times, we may really be having a difficult day or even a difficult month or year.   In these more challenging times, when it is difficult to be thankful ourselves, it is helpful to be reminded that...

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You inspire me

O Lord, you have probed me and you know me There is only one person besides the Virgin Mary and Jesus himself who has a feast day for both his birth and his death, and that is John the Baptist.   This last and greatest of prophets accomplished so much by preparing the way for the Lord, and yet he ended his days in Herod’s jail, awaiting execution.   Let us try to imagine what he might have said to the Lord as he sat alone in the dark. “Thank...

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You were chosen

You were chosen Adoptive parents often celebrate “Gotcha Day,” the anniversary of the day when they “chose” a child and welcomed him or her into their family.   For God, every day is Gotcha Day.   That is because every day, someone is baptized into Christ and becomes an adopted son or daughter.   Every day, he gathers new children into his arms and says, “I have chosen you to be my own.” St. Augustine had a very dramatic experience of God...

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