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Father, keep them in your name

SAINT AUGUSTINE OF CANTERBURY, BISHOP (OPTIONAL MEMORIAL)   Father, keep them in your name.   What would you pray for if you were facing a painful death?   Strength?   Peace?   The grace to endure it faithfully?   Jesus prayed for his friends.   He was concerned for what he had begun in their hearts.   He wanted it to continue and bear fruit until the day they were reunited with him. Guess what? Jesus included us in his prayer.   He included...

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I served the Lord with all humility

SAINT PHILIP NERI, PRIEST (MEMORIAL)   I served the Lord with all humility.   Summarizing some of the main points of his life and ministry among them, St. Paul gave this farewell address to the elders of Ephesus.   Since he knew that they would not see him again, it was to be something like his final legacy. Have you ever thought about what kind of legacy you would like to leave?   For which accomplishments in your life, or for which character...

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I have told you this so that you might

SAINT BEDE THE VENERABLE, PRIEST AND DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH (OPTIONAL MEMORIAL)   I have told you this so that you might have peace in me.    Imagine how the disciples felt. Jesus’ words were puzzling—troubling, even.   So many things they didn’t understand, and what Jesus was saying didn’t seem all that helpful.   Jesus knew that shortly he would be arrested and put to death.   He also knew his disciples would panic and scatter when they saw...

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Paul . . . traveled . . . through the Galatian country and Phrygia.

6TH WEEK OF EASTER   Paul . . . traveled . . . through the Galatian country and Phrygia.    Whenever the Book of Acts starts listing places like “Phrygia” and “Achaia,” even the most stalwart among us have probably jumped to the next verse.   But have you ever thought about taking a moment to research a city, person, or historical context?   Doing so not only uncovers greater richness inside the passage, but it also allows you to understand...

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Your grief will become joy

SAINT RITA OF CASCIA, RELIGIOUS (OPTIONAL MEMORIAL)   Your grief will become joy.   Imagine that you were there in the upper room with the disciples.   You have been with Jesus for years, and now he tells you that in a very short time, you will no longer see him.   Wouldn’t you be filled with questions, as they were?   How could he leave us after we’ve been through so much together?   Doesn’t he know that we have left everything to be with...

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You will see me

THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD (SOLEMNITY) OR EASTER WEEKDAY   You will see me.    What a promise!   Jesus was going to go away, but then he would come back, and the apostles would see him once more.   These words must have brought them a great deal of comfort. Of course, they did see Jesus again—on Easter Sunday, when he appeared to them in the upper room.   But the “seeing” Jesus was speaking of here meant more than just encountering him again...

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