Posts made in September, 2016

There is a House

There is a house with all the rooms filled with Momma but there is a river that separates me from this house it is a wide river a river so wide that it must be called a sea yes, a sea a sea so wide that it must be called time yes, time a time so wide that it must be called death yes, death -Lamont B. Steptoe

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Desire to us Was like a double death, Swift dying Of our mingled breath, Evaporation Of an unknown strange perfume In a naked Room. Langston Hughes

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American Gothic

Sometimes I feel like I will never stop Just go forever Til one fine mornin’ I’m gonna reach up and grab me a handfulla stars Swing out my long lean leg And whip three hot strikes burnin’ down the heavens And look over at God and say How about that! -Samuel Allen

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