Posts made in August, 2017

We gaze on your glory

We gaze on your glory and know that all things are in your hands! Let us join Jesus’ disciples in lifting our hearts and minds heavenward as we pray. “Lord Jesus, we praise you of hope and triumph! We adore you, Lord, seated at the Father’s right hand! You have taken your place of glory and authority, the place reserved for you , the eternal Son of God. You left it for a short time when you came to earth to redeem us, but now...

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Refresh me so that I can strengthen your people

After staying in Antioch some time, Paul left and traveled.  Paul’s experience reminds us of one practical way that God can fill us, through our brothers and sisters in Christ. Coming Home Nothing is more refreshing than coming home!  Our strength and joy are renewed, and we are filled up and ready to get back out into the world. You can imagine how Paul must have felt when he returned to Antioch at the end of a long missionary journey....

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No one will take your joy away from you

Joy can not be taken away What a promise, joy that can not be taken away!  Who would not want that?  It seems simple.  Jesus tells his disciples that the joy of seeing him again will wipe away all memory of their suffering, just as a woman in labor “forgets” the pain when she rejoices in the birth of her child. But any parent will tell you, it is not a bed of roses once the baby is born.  Raising children is a mixture of late night...

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A man named Titus Justus

Paul and Titus Paul must have been pretty angry to shake out his garments and give up on the Jews in Corinth.  But look!  Just a few lines later, we read that the ruler of the synagogue and his whole family were converted, forming the foundation of the Corinthian church.  How on earth did that happen?  A man named Titus. Titus was living a life that bridged two worlds.  He was a Gentile, but he practiced Jewish customs and worshiped God....

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