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Quote of the Week | September 30, 2019

“Hope is the destination that we seek.   Love is the road that leads to hope.   Courage is the motor that drives us.   We travel out of darkness into faith.” -Dean Koontz

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Jesus realized the intention of their hearts

Saint Jerome, Priest and Doctor of the Church (Memorial)   Jesus realized the intention of their hearts.    Close friends can often finish each other’s sentences.   They have spent so much time together that they know each other intimately.   But sometimes, even good friends can be wrong.   Only God knows the deepest intentions of a person’s heart. In today’s Gospel (Luke 9:47), we see Jesus’ closest friends having a hard time understanding...

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He will dwell among you

Saint Wenceslaus, Martyr (Optional Memorial)   He will dwell among you.    Have you ever heard of a chancel lamp?   It’s that lantern or candle in a church that tells us that Jesus is present in the tabernacle.   You might think it was developed as a kind of signal to let people know that they need to be reverent when they enter a church, but there is a lot more to it than this. Think back to the Book of Exodus.   When Moses brought the...

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Who do you say that I am

Saint Vincent de Paul, Priest (Memorial)   Who do you say that I am?    At airports, at doctor’s offices, when cashing a check—so often we are asked to produce our ID.   We routinely present our driver’s license or some other form of identification without a second thought.   There it is:   a card that says who you are. But you know that your identity doesn’t really exist on a card.   Your identity exists in the web of relationships that...

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Some were saying

Saints Cosmas and Damian, Martyrs (Optional Memorial)   Some were saying . . . ; others were saying . . . ; still others, . . . Reports about who Jesus was were flying, and Herod was listening. But as so often is the case, the rumors caused only uncertainty by raising more questions than they answered. Here are some of the stories Herod heard: Jesus had calmed a raging storm, healed a demoniac and a centurion’s servant and a hemorrhaging woman,...

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