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Give me the wisdom to understand

Never before has anyone spoken like this man. Have you ever tried to argue with someone in uniform?   Soldiers and police officers are not easily swayed.   They have a job to do and they do it.   But the Temple guards who were sent to arrest Jesus were stopped in their tracks.   They didn’t know who this rabbi was, but his message seems to have pierced them.   They sensed that they were dealing with a higher authority—someone they should take...

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The Just One

Merely to see him is a hardship for us. Do you know someone whose life seems so together that you can’t bear being around him or her?   Finances?   In perfect order. Kids?   All honor students with good manners.   Appearance?   Not a hair out of place and not a single pound overweight. Home?   Tastefully decorated and always immaculate.   Each bit of “perfection” seems to highlight your own shortcomings and makes you feel more inadequate....

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Even they testify on my behalf.  Imagine you were alive in the early first century.   Would you have believed that Jesus was the Son of God?   You probably would have wanted some evidence. That’s precisely what Jesus gave his listeners in Scripture—evidence.   He shared four “signs” that point to his divinity: human testimony, miracles, the Father’s affirmation, and the Scriptures. How about us?   Truth be told, we often need evidence to help...

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I want your living water to flow in me

He . . . guides them beside springs of water.  Did you know that the earth’s surface is over 70 percent water?   And more than half of the people on earth live within 3 kilometers of fresh water!   Not only that, but our bodies are 60 percent water.   And while you can survive for weeks without food, you will only last 3-5 days without water.   Clearly, water is essential for life. The theme of water runs through the Scriptures too, especially...

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I want to be made well

Do you want to be well?  Did you know that St. John recounts only seven of Jesus’ miracles?   They may be few in number, but they are rich in meaning.   In fact, John called them “signs” because of the way each of them led people to believe in Jesus. Well, all except one.   The sign in Scripture seems to have no spiritual effect on the man who receives it.   If anything, he shows the exact opposite of what you would expect. First, when Jesus...

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