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They are the ones who

They are the ones who…bear fruit through perseverance. Perseverance and consistency are also very important to our spiritual growth.  We not only have to hear the word of God “with a generous and good heart,” but we have to persist in hearing it and then do what is says. The principle is the same in the natural world.  No mighty tree grows overnight.  To bear the fruit that Jesus wants, we need regular exposure to the sunlight...

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Accompanying him were

Accompanying him were…many others Jesus was such a mesmerizing preacher and powerful healer that he could have had a very effective ministry on his own.  He was a miracle worker who could command evil spirits, the wind, and the waves.  He could call down food, water, or fire from heaven.  He did not need anyone else is help. So why did he choose to associate with such an assorted group of people as his disciples?  Maybe their diversity...

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Standing by the cross

Standing by the cross of Jesus… What is compassion?  Think about how helpless you can feel when you see someone you love suffer.  That person is hurting.  You try to comfort them, but you can not take away the pain.  All you can do is share it. Or thank about a child falling and scraping his knee. A mother’s first impulse is to run toward him and gather him in her arms. The knee still hurts, but his mother’s embrace tells him...

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He humbled himself

He humble himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross. The design of the cross is so simple. It is just two lines, but the entire gospel can be found in them.  Picture one vertical stroke from God descending and intersecting the horizon of the sky.  right there, in the middle, that is where heaven and earth meet.  That is where everything is transformed. That is just like the power of the cross, isn’t it? Its message of...

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He stepped forward and touched the coffin

He stepped forward and touched the coffin; at this the bearers halted. did you know that this is the only time that the city of Nain is mentioned in the Bible? It is also one of the few times, Luke notes that location of an event.  Some believe that the city was about six miles southeast of Nazareth, at the foot of Little Hermon mountain, but no one is certain. We may not know exactly where Nain is, but Jesus knew.  He also knew what he would...

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