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Your decrees are my delight

Your decrees are my delight.  Most people don’t like being told what to do.   Especially as we grow up, rules seem less necessary and even a little stuffy.   Try this simple test:   what is your first reaction when you think of the Ten Commandments?   Don’t they remind you of things you had to memorize when you were a child rather than a set of life-giving guidelines that you keep close to your heart every day? So why is today’s psalmist (Psalm...

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. . . an open door to heaven

. . . an open door to heaven.  Late in his life, the apostle John found himself on Patmos, a desert island on the Aegean Sea that served as a Roman penal colony.   The emperor Domitian had exiled him there as punishment for his continued preaching about Jesus.   It may have been a dismal setting, but John made the most of it.   He took the opportunity of this time of quiet to compose the Book of Revelation. In Scripture’s reading (Revelation...

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Zacchaeus. . . was seeking to see who Jesus was

Zacchaeus. . . was seeking to see who Jesus was.  Why was the town’s chief tax collector so eager to catch a glimpse of Jesus?   Perhaps he was just curious, or maybe he just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.   Whatever the case, this fellow, who got rich off the sweat of his neighbors, was so intent on seeing Jesus that he climbed a sycamore tree. Like Zacchaeus, many holy men and women began their journey to Christ mired in sin but...

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The revelation of Jesus Christ

The revelation of Jesus Christ.  Have you ever wondered what the Book of Revelation is about?   You’re not alone.   This book has baffled, bedeviled, and frightened readers for centuries.   That’s mainly because the Book of Revelation is a different kind of writing that we’re not too familiar with in the twenty-first century. Revelation is a prime example of “apocalyptic” literature.   That means it uses dramatic imagery—cosmic signs and...

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