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It is the Spirit that gives life

It is the Spirit that gives life. Sometimes you just need a good teacher.   For example, you might sum up Einstein’s theory of relativity in a simple equation: E=mc2.   A quick Internet search will tell you that E represents energy, m stands for mass, and c2 is the speed of light, squared.   But to understand what all these terms mean when put together, you’d need a skilled teacher who could clearly explain the concepts of physics.   A...

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Help me to forgive

“Saul, my brother . . .” Most of us are familiar with the story in scripture.   How Saul is blinded by an encounter with Christ, how he is sent to Ananias, and how this onetime persecutor is baptized.   It’s a moving story of conversion.   But let’s look at another story within Paul’s story: Ananias’ own “conversion” from seeing Paul as an enemy to seeing him as his brother. Ananias’ willingness to forgive did more than just heal his...

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Do you understand

Do you understand what you are reading? Notice how Philip starts his conversation: with a question.   That leads the Ethiopian official to respond with a question of his own.   Soon enough, a natural conversation begins, and Philip is telling this fellow about Jesus.   Something had been stirring beneath the surface, and Philip’s one innocent question opened the floodgates of grace. If only it were that simple, we may think.   Sharing about our...

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He rejects no one

I will not reject anyone who comes to me. . . . And I shall raise him on the last day.  On April 18th, 1506— over 512 years ago—the cornerstone of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome was laid.   The Basilica was designed to be an awe-inspiring edifice representing the coming together of heaven and earth.   Its massive dome sits atop a cruciform structure whose arms reach out in four directions.   Think of heaven hovering over the four corners of...

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