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Living well

Stephen . . . looked up intently to heaven.  According to St. Robert Bellarmine, “The secret to dying well is living well.”   It’s a simple formula: those who “live well” by trying their best to keep the commandments and embody the beatitudes will feel more prepared to meet the Lord at the end of their lives.   They will be more peaceful, less fearful, and more concerned about the people they are leaving behind. Of all the deaths we read about...

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Food that endures

The food that endures for eternal life. In J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, a group of characters sets out on a dangerous quest.   At one point, they are given a special kind of bread called lembas, one bite of which had the power to sustain someone for an entire day.   Now that’s “food that endures”! In scripture, Jesus speaks of another “food that endures”—his own Body and Blood in the Eucharist.   Like the lembas, it’s a gift freely...

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I want to follow your mercy

The author of life you put to death, but God raised him from the dead. Let’s set the stage.   Peter has just healed a man who had been lame from birth.   Thrilled at his healing, the man begins jumping for joy in the Temple, which attracts a large crowd.   Everyone is astonished.   Everyone, that is, but Peter.   “Why are you amazed at this?” he asks.   Surely he was happy, but he seems more surprised at their astonishment than at the miracle...

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Praising Our Lord

The Lord is . . . There are so many ways to pray.   We can intercede, recite the Rosary, adore the Eucharist, or ponder Scripture.   But we can also spend our prayer time praising the Lord.   We may not be so comfortable with this type of prayer, but its blessings are innumerable.   Praising God can lift up your heart.   It can make the truths of his gospel come alive for you.   It can deepen your faith as you recall all of his goodness and...

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