The Lord is . . .

There are so many ways to pray.   We can intercede, recite the Rosary, adore the Eucharist, or ponder Scripture.   But we can also spend our prayer time praising the Lord.   We may not be so comfortable with this type of prayer, but its blessings are innumerable.   Praising God can lift up your heart.   It can make the truths of his gospel come alive for you.   It can deepen your faith as you recall all of his goodness and mercy.

Praising God is not difficult!   At its heart, it is simply recalling and proclaiming the truths about who God is.

In Scripture, you see how we can use it to praise God today:

The Lord is my light:

You can thank the Lord that he is not just the light, he is your light.   Think of all the ways his word dispels darkness for you.   By his own example, he shows you how to live as a child of God.   His light helps you make decisions during the day: you begin to understand how to handle a sticky situation.   If you are confused and don’t know what to do, the light of his word in Scripture can cut through the darkness and give you insight.   His light can lead you in righteousness because he himself is righteous.

The Lord is my salvation:

You can praise the Lord for having saved you from sin.   When it was impossible for you to do it on your own, Jesus reconciled you to your Father in heaven.   He gladly took on, not just “the sins of the world,” but your own sins and failings.   Jesus has redeemed and saved you.   He has opened up heaven for you to enter.   How can you not praise him for such a generous gift?

The Lord is my refuge:

You can give glory to God because he is your protector, your refuge.   He is strong and dependable and trustworthy.   You can cling to him when life throws one of its curve balls at you.   He can shield you when you are buffeted by temptation.   Jesus has promised to be with you always, and he is faithful to all of his promises.   So you can always trust him to be there for you.

Practice praising the Lord today.   Recall his goodness, and praise him for his love.

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