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You are not meant to be a Lone Ranger

They came away with instructions for Silas and Timothy to join him It’s easy to see St. Paul as a “lone ranger” hiking alone down Roman roads, single-handedly establishing new churches.   Today’s first reading (Acts 17:15) might even cement that image in our minds, as Paul goes into Athens on his own to preach—except for the fact that he’s eagerly awaiting Silas and Timothy’s arrival.   In reality, the picture of a lone, independent St. Paul is...

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We are actually better off with him in heaven

It is better for you that I go Do you actually believe you have it “better” than the first disciples?   It’s easy to wish we had been alive when Jesus walked the earth, but he tells us in today’s Gospel (John 16:7) that we are actually better off with him in heaven. This is another one of those puzzling remarks of Jesus that needs some unpacking. Jesus had just told his friends that he was about to be put to death.   It’s natural to expect fear...

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Come on in

If you consider me a believer in the Lord, come and stay at my home Imagine hearing a knock at your door.   Outside you find an unexpected visitor—a friend asking to stay with you.   How would you feel?   It’s likely you would pause, do a quick mental inventory of the state of your home, gulp, and smile, saying, “Of course! Come on in.”   It might be a bit humbling because your visitor will see your home in a much more intimate way—including...

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My peace I give to you Wouldn’t you like a little more peace in your life and in the world?   News reports are full of stories of conflicts, both national and international.   Relationships suffer from discord or disagreements.   Even our own thoughts and desires can be conflicted at times.   Where can peace come from? From Jesus, of course!   In today’s Gospel (John 14:27), when he offers peace to his disciples, the word Jesus uses is the...

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There was a disciple named Timothy Emily Post, whose name is synonymous with etiquette, recommends using polite language for introductions.   So please allow us to introduce St. Timothy, young disciple of St. Paul and Paul’s ambassador to many early Christian communities. Timothy was born of a Jewish mother, who was a convert to Christianity, and a Greek father, who remained a pagan.   So Timothy probably knew the tension of life in a family in...

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