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You will never let me down

He kept calling out all the more.  Soon-to-be-Blessed Solanus Casey was a Capuchin friar and priest who lived in a friary in Detroit, Michigan.   Fr. Casey’s job was to be the porter, the man who answered the door and offered hospitality to visitors.   This job allowed everyone who came to the friary to come to know this humble, unassuming man. Over time, the visitors became so comfortable with Fr. Casey that they began sharing their prayer...

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Courageous, Confident, and Contented

Render a just decision for me against my adversary. How often, when you hear this story, do you picture a stocky old woman with a grating voice—a stereotypical “nag”?   You might compare her stubbornness to the persistence of a bulldog or the relentlessness of a broken record.   Today when you think of her, try something different:  look at her as a model of confidence, contentment, and courage. Courageous This widow fears neither her adversary...

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Excellent is the Lord

Let them know how far more excellent is the Lord than these. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every visitor to Niagara Falls or the Grand Canyon or Mount Everest were to drop to their knees in awe of the God who designed such stunning displays of nature’s beauty?   The Book of Wisdom tells us that God is the original source of all beauty.   This means that the many natural wonders around us point to the Lord who is “far more excellent” than his most...

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The Kingdom of God is among you

The kingdom of God is among you. Do you like to rearrange furniture?   Some people are very good at imagining a room in a different way, then moving things around to match their vision.   They may notice a gap and go shopping for an accent piece that will alter the feel of a whole room.   But sometimes they will determine that all a room needs is different lighting.   Whether it’s pendant lights, wall sconces, or the softer glow of lamps and...

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He fell at the feet of Jesus and thanked him. The Greek word for “thanked” in this sentence is one of the most important words in our life of faith.   What is this word?   Euchariston.   That’s right.   The word that we get “Eucharist” from. The whole of the Mass is our way of saying “Thank you” to Jesus.   “Thank you for saving us.”   “Thank you for giving us your Spirit.”   “Thank you for the Church.”   “Thank you for every good gift you have...

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