Posts made in October, 2017

Pray for us

As Jesus passed by, he saw a man named Matthew. Matthew probably had a lot of things going through his mind when he saw Jesus pass by.   Let’s imagine that internal conversation: “Oh no, he’s looking right at me.   I’ve heard so much about this Jesus.   People say he can heal any ailment and has even cast out demons.   He doesn’t pull any punches but tells it like it is.   He doesn’t seem to be cowed by anyone, neither religious leaders nor...

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Have you noticed the word “beloved” in your Bible.   The Church included a way of expressing Paul’s relationship with his young disciple, Timothy, as “beloved”.   Timothy held a special place in Paul’s heart, more like that of “a child with a father” than of a coworker or disciple.   Beloved, Paul calls him.  He was a dear one, precious, treasured, highly-regarded one.   And that is how the Father sees you too, as ...

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Teach Me Lord

He stepped forward and touched the coffin.  Caught doing something nice.   So read the words on an award that teachers like to present to their students—an award given in the hope that the act of kindness being rewarded was a natural, rather than a solicited, response.   This way of recognizing ordinary acts of unselfishness also helps reinforce in the students the truth that acts of compassion are always rewarded. It is hard to imagine Jesus...

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Lord, I trust in you

I did not consider myself worthy to come to you. You have probably heard the stereotype about men being unwilling to ask for directions.   But there’s likely some truth in it for both genders.   We all like to be in control.   Some of us would rather go into a department store and search endlessly instead of asking for help.   Before GPS systems, many folks would puzzle over a map rather than consult anyone.   It takes a little humility to...

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