Posts made in November, 2016

When We Share

When we share with someone else, Something valuable to us. You may find out later on, To them they feel like they were blessed. Some of us have lots to give, And some of us do not. If someone could benefit, Why not give them a shot. Sharing is a wonderful thing, Especially to those you’ve shared with. There are a lot of kind people out there, And that is not a myth. So next time you see someone, Who could benefit from something you can...

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Send A Drop Of Kindness

Send a drop of kindness, And see a happy face. A drop of kindness goes real far, It may even reach outer space. Send a drop of love, And feel a loving embrace. It feels so good to feel like, You are in the right place. Send a drop of hope, But be that shinning star. Hope is wonderful to have, But sometimes you can’t sit away so far. Send a drop of faith, With a single prayer. And God will show the way, As faith is always there. –...

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