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TELLING THE STORY:  TOWARD AN AFRICAN – AMERICAN CATHOLIC THEOLOGY OF PREACHING by Father Maurice J. Nutt, C.Ss.R. When the black preacher is moving the hearts and souls of his or her black congregation through his or her powerful preaching, a loud shout of “tell the story preacher” may be heard from some satisfied soul sitting in the pew.  One of the most interesting and faith-filled stories within the Catholic Church in America is that...

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Father Maurice J Nutt “Give Until It Feels Good!”

Give Until It Feels Good! by Father Maurice J Nutt, C. Ss.R. Most of us have heard the expression “give until it hurts.” This plea is based on the fact that most of us give from our excess; we give by skimming off the top. Most of us give at a level at which we really do not miss very much of what we give. By and large we give what is known as our spare change. One Sunday morning our parish was taking up a collection during Mass for some...

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Father Maurice J Nutt “Faith Professed”

FAITH PROFESSED by Father Maurice J Nutt, C.Ss.R. St. Francis of Assisi is widely (though apparently inaccurately) believed to have said, “Preach the Gospel always; if necessary use words.”  Whether or not he said these words, he certainly professed and lived them.  If the Gospel is to be credible, it has to be professed by both our words and our actions.  Thomas of Celeno, St. Francis’ first biographer, quotes him instructing his co-workers...

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Father Maurice J Nutt “Now is the Time to Promote Peace”

Now Is The Time To Promote Peace by Father Maurice J Nutt, C.Ss.R. In recent times, there is an increase in violence at local, state, national and international levels. All kinds of violence plague many communities, leaving some people wallowing in darkness and despair. From conflicts in Syria, to the inhumane action of Isis, to continued unrest in the Middle East, to the senseless gang violence on your city streets to the upcoming verdict in...

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PURSUING A LIFE THAT MATTERS by Father Maurice J Nutt, C.Ss.R. Scripture Text:  Hebrews 12:1-2 I am challenging you to join us in a journey – a pursuit actually. Pursuing a life that matters — a life of impact.  Life is full of decisions. Do you agree? But, do you know that the decisions that matter in life are not always earth shaking? It’s our day-to-day decisions that either makes us closer or farther from God. We call it steps of...

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Father Maurice J Nutt’s Tribute to Brother Martin DePorress Smith,C.Ss.R.

FATHER MAURICE J. NUTT’S “TRIBUTE TO BROTHER MARTIN DEPORRES SMITH, C.Ss.R.” “In life it is a privilege to meet certain individuals who help shape and direct your life.  It was as a young impressionable seminarian that I first met Brother Martin DePorres Smith, C.Ss.R.  Without a doubt meeting him left an indelible mark on my life and ministry.  I will be forever grateful for the “life lessons” he taught me.  It was...

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