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I have much more to tell you

Many of us are familiar with the television commercials that tell us, “But wait, there’s more!”.  Jesus has more for you too and you do not have to pay any additional shipping or handling charges.  More knowledge, more wisdom, more understanding, more love, and he wants them to be yours! Jesus spoke to his disciples When Jesus spoke these words to his disciples, he knew that they were anxious and worried about the future.   He...

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Sin and righteousness and condemnation

If you were to read this line out of context, it might sound like the start to a fire and brimstone sermon. But it is not. It is a description of three key roles of the Holy Spirit. Role of the Holy Spirit Scripture tell us, that the disciples are coming to the realization that Jesus will not be with them forever. But Jesus assures them that he will send the Holy Spirit, the “Advocate”, to take his place. What was this Advocate...

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Lydia listened, and the Lord opened her heart

Lydia prayed Praying at the river’s edge in Philippi, Lydia probably did not realized that she was also in the path of a second river, a stream of divine grace! One of the worshipers present on that Sabbath was the apostle Paul, and the message he shared about Jesus changed her life dramatically. Lydia’s story is a beautiful example of what conversion looks like. Conversion is a transformation with two main ingredients: grace from...

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There was great joy in that city

Great Joy Scripture tells us three things, evil exists, we have the Holy Spirit in us, and we can experience “great joy” as God manifests his power. Ever since the time of the Enlightenment, there has been a tendency to dismiss belief in the devil.  An overemphasis on reason and science led people to believe that there was no reality beyond the material universe. Demonic Forces Yet Scripture give us plenty of evidence to the...

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They had been prevented by the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit Everything seemed to be going well for Paul and Timothy as they traveled from city to city,  sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  But today, we read that they could not preach in certain cities because “they had been prevented by the Holy Spirit”.  What happened? Scripture does not say they heard a voice from the sky or were rebuked by a fiery prophet.  So how did the Spirit lead them, and why would he direct them not...

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