If you were to read this line out of context, it might sound like the start to a fire and brimstone sermon. But it is not. It is a description of three key roles of the Holy Spirit.

Role of the Holy Spirit

Scripture tell us, that the disciples are coming to the realization that Jesus will not be with them forever. But Jesus assures them that he will send the Holy Spirit, the “Advocate”, to take his place. What was this Advocate going to do for them? Jesus list three things, all of which apply to us as well.

Holy Spirit shows us our sins

First, the Holy Spirit comes to show us our sin, but not to accuse us or overwhelm us with guilt. On the contrary, even as he shows us our imperfections, he sets our hearts at rest by telling us how merciful God is.

Holy Spirit shows us righteousness of Christ

That leads us to his second role, to show us the righteousness of Christ. Since Jesus is not walking with us in the flesh, the Holy Spirit speaks to our hearts about who Jesus is. He reveals Christ in the Scriptures, in Communion and in our prayer. He shows us Jesus’ justice, his mercy, his compassion, and his power.

Holy Spirit brings condemnations

Finally, the Spirit comes to bring condemnation. But this condemnation is not directed at us. Rather, he shows us that Satan is condemned and that all his plots and schemes are doomed.

The Holy Spirit is at work in you all the time, even when you can not sense him. He is the One urging you to go to Confession when your conscience is weighting heavy on you. He is the One encouraging you to spend time with the Scriptures or be more attentive at Mass. he is the One who inspires you to live differently, one day at a time. He is always urging you to get to know Jesus better.

Invite the Holy Spirit in

Invite the Holy Spirit to move more freely in your heart today. Ask him to show you areas that he wants to help you change. Let him give you a deeper understanding of the holiness and love of Jesus assured his disciples that the Holy Spirit would be with them, he assures you that the Holy Spirit is, and will always be, working in you.

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