Jesus himself drew near and walked with them.  Evangelization. The very word can make us feel apprehensive.   I don’t know how to share the gospel.   What if I get it wrong?   What if the other person rejects me?   But evangelizing doesn’t mean we have to explain the entire gospel in one sitting.   In the end, it’s really a matter of sharing good news with someone else.   It’s something you can do as you take a walk with a friend. That’s...

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What are we to do?

What are we to do?  What happens to you when you hear a typical homily at Mass? On the one hand, you might get fired up.   In your excitement, you make a big gesture like signing up for a new program at church, or you promise yourself that you will pray one hour every day.   But you can’t sustain the commitment.   Your enthusiasm fades over time. On the other hand, you might walk away thinking, “That was a good homily” or “That was an...

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Jesue met them on their way

Jesus met them on their way.  For centuries, believers all over the world have retraced Mary Magdalene’s steps in their own search for the risen Lord.   We’re not talking about a pilgrimage to the Holy Land—although that would be wonderful.   No, we’re talking about something as ordinary as opening the day with prayer. Let’s play with this analogy a little.   Every morning, you leave the “tomb” of sleep and rise to face the day, just as the two...

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He opens my ear that I may hear. Let’s start with a few true or false questions for parents. True or False: When my children come to me with a problem, I listen briefly, then I either make a joke or change the topic—anything to take their minds off of it. True or False: When my children share their problems with me, I tell them not to worry; everything will turn out all right. True or False: When my children tell me they are troubled, I...

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The Coaster of Life

Jesus was deeply troubled. Luna Park, in Melbourne, Australia, boasts the world’s oldest, continually operating roller-coaster.   But another “roller-coaster” has been running a lot longer—the coaster of life.   The rise and fall of circumstances can wear on us.   We’ve all been on it: zooming to the crest of elation, plunging to the depths of despair, whipping around changes in the direction of our desires and will.   Scripture hints at one of...

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Here is my servant whom I uphold. There was a lot of drama in the events of Holy Week, and most of us have seen enough movies to put vivid images into our imaginations.   We see crowds cheering and waving palm branches.   There are soldiers carrying torches and brandishing swords.   There is a midnight trial.   There is a man whose body is bruised and bleeding from repeated blows.   A power struggle plays out between secular and religious...

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