Thank you for the place you have fashioned for me

I am going to prepare a place for you A teenage girl who was the youngest of eight children had waited for years to have a room of her own.   For her sixteenth birthday, her busy mom secretly sewed a beautiful comforter with matching curtains.   When the girl arrived home from school on her birthday, she discovered her new room decorated in yellow and pink, her favorite colors.   It was a place prepared just for her! Today’s Gospel reading...

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Words of Exhortation

If one of you has a word of exhortation for the people, please speak Similar to our celebration of the Mass, Jewish synagogue services in Jesus’ time included readings from the Scriptures followed by a homily.   Usually, the rabbi or one of the elders spoke, but he could also invite visitors or respected members of his community to offer their thoughts instead.   This is what happened to Paul and Barnabas in today’s first reading.   The elders...

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Help me to hear you speaking to me

The Holy Spirit said . . .  A famine had spread across the land, and the Christians in Antioch were concerned about their fellow believers in Jerusalem.   So they raised some money and commissioned Barnabas and Paul to bring it to them (Acts 11:27-30).   Their “relief mission” now completed (12:25), Barnabas and Paul joined the prophets and teachers in the church in Antioch.   Fasting and praying, they asked the Lord, “What’s next?” We don’t...

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Is there a gap you want me to help fill in?

May another take his office You probably know the story in today’s first reading (Acts 1:20) already.   Jesus had chosen twelve apostles, a way of mirroring and fulfilling the role of the original twelve tribes of Israel.   But when Judas betrayed him and then took his own life, a gap in the number of apostles opened up.   So when the remaining apostles selected two possible candidates and sought God in prayer, he chose Matthias to be the new...

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The tale of a growing relationship

To whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life Imagine if you were to ask Peter what was the most pivotal moment of his life with Jesus.   Maybe it was the act of faith we hear in today’s Gospel (John 6:68).   Or was it when he made the whopping catch of fish after Jesus told him to put down his nets?   It could have been when Jesus walked on water and called him to walk toward him.   What about when he saw Jesus taken away by the...

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Thank you for giving yourself to me

Whoever eats my Flesh and drinks my Blood remains in me and I in him The few moments before you receive Jesus in the Eucharist at Mass are a beautiful opportunity to turn your heart and thoughts toward the Lord.   Have you ever tried, as you walk up to receive him, to talk to him as you would a close friend?   That conversation could help you remain in his presence long after you return to your pew. What would such a dialogue look like? Here’s...

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