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I entrust my life to you

Israel loved Joseph best of all his sons Have you ever considered the similarities between the patriarch Joseph and Jesus?   They’re uncanny, really.   Both were beloved by their father.   Yet both were betrayed by those closest to them.   Both were stripped of their robes, and both were sold for pieces of silver.   Finally, both were miraculously raised from a pit so that God could rescue his people. The way that Joseph and Jesus’ stories...

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Holy Spirit refresh my heart

He is like a tree planted near running water This psalm can seem abstract and overly spiritual to us at first glance.   How exactly can a man be like a tree?   And how are we supposed to be “planted near running water”?   Bible scholars would say the psalmist uses this image because, like trees, we need a “water source” in order to thrive and bear fruit.   And this source is the Holy Spirit, who is often compared to living water. The image...

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You shall be your servant

Whoever wishes to be great among you shall be your servant Recently, a group of women began getting together to pray for their college-aged children.   Things were going pretty well at the first gathering until one of the women inadvertently shifted the focus.   Rather than stating only what she wanted prayer for, this mom added a few sentences about all that her child had accomplished.   In their minds, the other women began to compare their...

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A righteous man

He was a righteous man That’s how we often think of St. Joseph, isn’t it?   The righteous man who did not want to expose Mary—his pregnant spouse—to the shame of public scandal and punishment.   According to Jewish betrothal customs, he and Mary were considered to be married already, but he had not yet brought her to live with him in his home.   That made her pregnancy problematic, to say the least. So he took the righteous demand of the Law...

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