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Lord, I will follow you!

Jesus, looking at him, loved him Let’s begin looking at this passage (Mark 10:21) by thinking about what Jesus is not doing here.   He isn’t trying to trick this man.   He’s not trying to discourage him or tell him the only way to heaven is to get rid of all his money.   He’s not saying that this fellow is not good enough or that his efforts at keeping the commandments count for nothing. So what is Jesus doing?   He’s offering this man a chance...

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I will follow you

I will follow you.  Talk about a major life change!   Elisha went from following a plow to following a prophet.   He was so certain that God was calling him to become a disciple of Elijah’s that he burned the wooden tools of his trade.   It must have been sobering to watch his livelihood go up in flames, but this stripping away allowed Elisha to take the next step in following the Lord.   His story tells us that sometimes moving forward...

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