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He got up and followed him

He got up and followed him. What was going through Matthew’s head when Jesus passed by, noticed him, and said, “Follow me”? As a tax collector, Matthew would have been held at arm’s length by his family and despised by his neighbors.  His co-workers had a reputation for coming up with scams to line their own pockets, and Matthew might have done the same thing himself.  So it is not hard to imagine him leading a lonely...

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Lead me in the path of your commands

Lead me in the path of your commands, for in it I delight. We have all been in situations in which we were being trained for something.  Perhaps it was a new job, a lesson in school, or a military commission.  In the course of our training, some commands became so internalized that we still follow them years later; “Say please and thank you,” “Look both ways before you cross the street.”  They become second nature to us....

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With the upright is his friendship

With the upright is his friendship. Three children gaze at a painting of a ship on the water when they are suddenly sucked into the scene! For th rest of C.S. Lewis’ book “The Voyage of the Dawn Treader”, the children are no longer standing on the outside gazing at the painting; they are caught up in the action. Sometimes it might feel as if we are simply gazing at descriptions of how to live a godly life.  We may wonder,...

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No Servant can serve two masters

Have you heard about the dying man who won the lottery?  Concerned that the excitement would be too much for him, the man’s family asked their parish priest to tell him the good news.  When the pastor told the man that he had won $10 million, the man replied, ” I want to give half of it to the Church.”  The priest was so surprised that he had a heart attack.  This story tells us how much of an impact money can have on us. What...

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