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The Lord is a Refuge

The Lord is a refuge to his people.  Even though biblical scholars argue over the exact time when Joel prophesied, one thing is sure.   The Israelites were in bad shape.   They had been led astray by neighboring peoples and had embraced their false idols and unjust practices. Israel’s sin seemed overwhelming, and yet Joel promised that God would still be their refuge.   Even when they were at their worst—especially when they were the furthest...

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Set Me Free

I shall return to my home from which I came.  We have all experienced it.   The frustration of a besetting sin or a difficult relationship dynamic that keeps popping up.    Just when we think we’ve got it licked, a stronger temptation arises, or an upsetting conversation occurs.   We suddenly feel as though we’re right back where we started.   It’s no accident.   That’s just the way the devil works. Do we need any more proof that the devil...

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Open my eyes

How much more will the Father in heaven give . . .  If you have any doubts about “love at first sight,” just ask parents about the first time they laid eyes on their children. Holding your newborn for the first time is an overwhelming experience.   The long wait is over, and a new love blossoms. If this is how new parents feel about their children, imagine how your heavenly Father feels about you!   He loved you before you were born.   From the...

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Teach me your compassion

. . . not to mention the many cattle.  Doesn’t this read more like the punch line of a joke than a verse from the Bible?   Here God is, explaining to Jonah why he had compassion on the people of Nineveh, and his argument hinges on . . . cows? What makes something funny?   Reversed expectations.   Irony.   Unforeseen twists.   The Book of Jonah has all of them.   It’s no mistake.   The humor is there to get our attention, to help us reexamine...

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Come be my Guest

Mary has chosen the better part.  Have you ever thrown a party and been so preoccupied with keeping the punch bowl filled that you missed out on enjoying the company of your guests?  That’s what happened to Martha! Hospitality has always been central in Middle Eastern cultures, so it’s natural that Martha wanted to be a good hostess when Jesus came to her home.   She loved him deeply and expressed that love by making a fine meal for him.   But...

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