Posts made in July, 2018

I will show the salvation of God

To him that goes the right way I will show the salvation of God.  If you went to a doctor and discovered that you had a dangerous but curable illness, would you ignore your diagnosis and presume that you are fine?  It’s hard to imagine yourself just shrugging your shoulders and walking out the door.   Most of us would gladly take our medicine or undergo whatever surgery was necessary so that we could live a long and healthy life.   It would be...

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He chose us in him

He chose us in him, before the foundation of the world. In June of last year, the United Nations estimated that there were 7.6 billion people living on Earth.   In an even more jaw-dropping statistic, the Population Reference Bureau has estimated that approximately 108 billion people have lived on Earth since the beginning. So can you imagine that before God created the world, in the midst of these 108 billion people who would live in it, he...

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Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.  As he prepares to send his disciples out on their first missionary journey, Jesus breaks the news to them that they will face some hefty challenges.   But he also reassures them that God is bigger than their troubles, so they don’t have to be afraid.   He is their Father, and like any Father, he is watching over them. Jesus’ words here make it clear that God is involved with all of his...

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Behold, I am sending you

Behold, I am sending you. Do you feel just a little intimidated by Jesus’ words, that he is sending you to evangelize?   Maybe you doubt that you’re holy enough.   Or skilled enough.  Or winsome enough.   If so, try to look at “being sent” from a different angle. Think about sending a letter in the mail.   When you mail a letter to a friend, you try to make it look presentable.   You pick nice paper, a clean envelope, and use your best...

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My heart is overwhelmed

My heart is overwhelmed.  Tradition has it that as St. John neared the end of his life, people flocked to the Island of Patmos to celebrate the Sunday Eucharist with him.   John was old and frail, and he had to be carried out to the people each Sunday, but it never stopped him from giving them the same message week after week:  “Little children, God loves you. Love him and love one another.”   That’s all John ever said, but the people still...

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