And now, children, remain in him. 

Lord, you know that I want to remain in you.   I want to stay close to you at all times.   But you also know that I don’t always do it.   I often get distracted.   I don’t think to call on you when I’m in trouble.   Sometimes I get so busy that I forget about you.   So I’m asking you to help me.   I do not know what this new year holds, what joys I will experience or what sorrows and challenges I will face.   But in everything I want you by my side.

Lord, help me to remain in your love.   It’s your love that gives meaning to my life and fills me with thanksgiving.   Knowing that I am precious in your eyes helps keep me from getting discouraged—especially when I face my weaknesses and failings.   I need to remain in your love, Lord, because without it, I cannot love the people you have put in my life.   I want to love them as you love me, even those I find hard to love.

Help me to remain in your strength, Lord.   Teach me to look to your grace every morning as I start a new day.   Thank you for offering me your grace to help me care for my family and accomplish the work you have given me.   Your strength buoys me up when I am struggling and gives me the ability to press on when I feel weak.

Lord, help me to remain in your joy.   I want to show the world the kind of trust and freedom that come from a relationship with you.   I want my disposition to attract people to you.   So give me your joy, not only in good times, but also when life becomes difficult.

Lord, again and again you open your arms to me, inviting me to remain in you.   There’s no other place I’d rather be.   So when I fail to come to you, gently remind me that you are eagerly awaiting my return.   Come, Jesus, and hide me in the shadow of your wings each day of this new year.

Word Among Us