Saint Scholastica, Virgin (Memorial)


As many as touched it were healed. 


Jesus’ reputation for healing was spreading—so much so that people were bringing him the sick “to wherever they heard he was” (Mark 6:55).   And even those who just touched the tassel of his cloak were being healed (6:56).

There are still crowds of people today just as hungry to encounter Jesus.   So many people yearn to hear that God is real, that he loves them, and that he can touch and heal them—in heart, mind, and body.   But it’s up to us to reach out to them.

As Linda was leaving her pew after Mass one Sunday, she noticed a woman who looked tired and discouraged still sitting in another pew.   Linda was tempted to walk past this woman—she was looking forward to getting out the door quickly so she could go to brunch with her family.   But she felt a persistent tug from the Holy Spirit urging her to begin a conversation, and she didn’t want to ignore it.   So Linda put on a smile, walked up to the woman, and said, “Hello!”   The woman greeted her warmly.

Then Linda asked the woman if she was okay.   But the woman was definitely not okay.   One child was struggling with an addiction.   Another was involved in a destructive relationship and had given up on God.   The tension she and her husband were feeling over these situations was causing them to fight.   She had come to church desperate.

Deeply moved by this woman’s story, Linda felt herself welling up with compassion.   She offered to pray with the woman—nothing fancy, just a simple prayer:   “Jesus, I invite you into my life and into these situations.   Help me to know that you are with me.”   Gazing at the tabernacle, the woman began to experience Jesus’ presence and comfort.   It was a bittersweet but holy encounter, and it led the woman to tears.   Her problems didn’t dissolve, but she could sense Jesus with her in them.

Do you know someone who needs Jesus’ love and healing touch?   Consider reaching out to them.   It can feel risky to step out, but it could bring someone one step closer to the Lord.   And that is worth the risk.

“Jesus, show me who needs your love and healing today.”

1 Kings 8:1-7, 9-13
Psalm 132:6-10