As Moses came down from Mount Sinai . . . , he did not know that the skin of his face had become radiant.

Do pregnant women really glow?   Doctors say yes. A pregnant woman’s skin can flush because her body is making more blood, and her face often shines because her skin glands are especially active.   The woman may be aware of things changing inside her, but she is often surprised to learn that other people can see a difference too.

Moses didn’t know he was beaming either.   After talking face-to-face with God on the mountain, he probably felt like a changed man, but he never guessed it would be so obvious to everyone else.

And that’s the point.   Sometimes we have a hard time seeing what’s crystal clear to everyone else:   we have changed.   By God’s grace, we are maturing.   The Spirit’s activity within us is causing visible signs of that change to surface.

This means you.   God’s grace has been active within you.   He has been busy breaking up hard ground in your heart.   Old habits are becoming less entrenched.   You smile more, and you’re more careful with your words.   Right now, the Spirit’s fruit is growing inside you.   Slowly, incrementally, miraculously, you are being transformed from the inside out.

All this activity can’t remain hidden!   What’s surprising is that family, neighbors, and coworkers often sense it before you do.

So how about taking some time to look in the mirror today?   You might be surprised by what you see.   As you reflect on the ways you’ve changed, don’t be afraid to think outside the box either.   For instance, maybe you’ve just made it through a major life transition.   That’s a sign of maturity.   Or perhaps you’ve developed a new skill recently, even if it’s not obviously spiritual.   That’s growth.

This little exercise may inspire a spirit of gratitude in you.   It may even motivate you to keep cooperating with God’s grace so that you’ll see even more changes.   There’s always, always more with the Lord.   He will never stop pouring out grace on you.   So keep drinking it in!   Like Moses on the mountain, keep carving out bits of “face time” with God in prayer.   Remember:   the light of Christ is glowing within you.

“Lord, thank you for your grace at work in me—and thank you for shining through me!”

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