Blessed is that servant whom his master on arrival finds doing so.

What an honor! The servant’s task in this parable from Jesus was to make sure that each of the fellow servants was properly cared for in the master’s absence. He was given all the authority he needed to meet the needs of the household. But the longer the master was delayed, the less focused the servant became on doing his master’s will. Perhaps he stopped believing that his master would ever return. Or maybe his complacency slipped into unfaithfulness, and instead of caring for his fellow servants, he abused them.

While most of us would never behave this way, there may be other ways that we might delay or neglect God’s call to care for others. For example, perhaps we feel the Spirit prompting us to visit a sick neighbor, but we put it off because we are too busy. After a time, we even forget about the inspiration we had to visit that person. Maybe we delay calling an old friend who is going through a hard time because it might feel awkward. Or we become so focused on our own family and friends that we don’t see the needs of the poor among us.

God has given each of us various gifts to use freely to serve his people until he comes again. He has equipped us with all the grace we need to love our neighbor as he loves us. He has promised to help us as we reach out and try to care for someone on his behalf.

This is more than a duty or command; it’s a privilege to carry out the master’s will while he is away. And while the servant in Jesus’ parable had the privilege of running the household, the privilege for us as Christians is much greater. Because through the love and care we show someone, we can reveal Christ to that person.

So don’t delay! Look at the needs that are within your reach today, and then get to work. Even small acts can reveal God’s presence to another person. One phone call, one email, one kind word, one hug, or one act of service—these are all ways of showing that you care. Then do something else the next day. Let love be your guide as you prepare for the Lord’s return.

“Lord Jesus, thank you for the privilege of caring for your people!”

Ephesians 3:2-12
(Psalm) Isaiah 12:2-6
Luke 12:39-48


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